Stats not updating in tracker gg

my games’ stats are not updating since around March 9th. played at least 20-25 games and it’s showing around 5 or 6 matches.
I play in asian servers generally (Singapore and Mumbai)

Hi @RaianRSR and welcome to the TRN forums!

It seems like you’re experiencing a similar issue to the users in this thread:

Just wanted to let you know you weren’t the only one. I’m not affiliated with TRN in any way, so I cannot say whether they are aware of an underlying issue. I can also confirm that people in the TRN Discord have also expressed not being able to see stats around the same time.

thanks for replying.
so is it from server side? too many players these days?

I honestly do not know, unfortunately. Again, I’m not with TRN so I cannot say for certain.

The guys at TRN are quick to respond and are always looking on the forums and Discord, so hopefully they can let you know what the issue is and have a resolution soon.