Stats wrong COD Warzone - Resurgence

My stats for COD warzone RESURGENCE are wrong. Anyone having the same problem? I currently have 754 wins and this is showing I only have 143. My account is new, does that have anything to do with it?

You’re not the first person to mention this and i’m reviewing it shortly.

Can you screenshot your in game data and post it below and i’ll add you to the comparisons we’re looking into.

Thank you

I’m unable to upload. I’m getting a “processing” message (below) and It’s getting stuck there…

Processing: Screenshot 2022-02-16 234337 2.png…

Estimados buenos días, veo que no salgo en la tabla de posiciones de resurgimiento, en el juego me registra 173 victorias, sin embargo en la lista general no salgo.

quedo atento a sus comentarios…

mi usuario de activision: hsamaniego1989#8139347

@gunnrdude Basically what’s happening here is the in-game statistics show data for all playlists including special events duos/trios/quads which their API (System we use to pull statistics to the site) only shows us data for trios/quads hence the difference.

Hopefully, this will be fixed!

did you get a solution?