Stops tracking after one game

In my first game of siege, the tracker works fine. No issues.
But after that it gets Stuck, and is still tracking that first match, or can’t detect when another match is ongoing. I’ve had this problem with both tracker and tabstats, so I’m not sure if its an API or a me issue.

It fixes itself on game restart.

Any ideas would be helpful (:

Hi @caperantagonist,

Could you send us your logs please to help us understand the issue?

Hi @caperantagonist, please make sure you send us your logs for this issue. We are aware of the issue, however it only seems to be affecting some users and not all users. There seems to be issues with Overwolf’s game events provider, we need all the logs we can get please!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I did the second method, heres the dropme link.


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@Post @LostBlood

any updates or fixes? ;w ;

Hi, are you still getting issues after Sunday (3rd April)? The app went down after the game update.

I played a bit last night and it seems to be working! I have match history now too :smiley: Thanks guys.

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