Stuck at 4999 trn

Ok so I reached 4999 trn rating like 3 days ago for solos. Im tied for 1st currently. I have won 12+ games and 6 straight as of today and I haven’t gone up to 4999.1. Is it possible to get to 4999.1 currently in solos? I feel like there is a glitch preventing me from reaching this level. Also I’m tied for 1st but the person I’m tied with (Niczue) gets all the time on the front page when i have the same rank and the game won’t allow me to go up in rank I feel. So I grinded this far to be tied for 1st and not be able to rank up and he still gets all time on the front page. I feel there is a rig or a glitch preventing me from getting front page look into this please. Just won 6 straight w good kills and no rank up. I reached 4999 like 3 days ago

The least you can do is give me a rank up or time on front page bc I’ve been supposedly tied for 3 days but I feel there is a glitch preventing me from ranking up and passing but Niczue gets all the time on front page even tho we are tied and I should be 1st but the website won’t let me rank up so please let me know. I’m not trying to be toxic it’s just I’ve grinded this far and I feel cheated