Stuck on Version 1.5.1

How do I update to 1.5.3 for tracker gg?

Actually same here and I have no clue how to update it
I have a friend who has it updated to 1.5.3

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my friend also has 1.5.3 but I dont

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I just installed it and it installed the version 1.5.1 so odd

I did that and its the same version :frowning:

I think I’m gonna go talk to overwolf customer support and see my luck over there

Hello @RisenZeru and @Krotexx. Welcome to the TRN forums.

I was just able to confirm that the Valorant Tracker version 1.5.3 is available from the main Tracker website:

I was simply able to download the client and install, replacing the older version (1.5.1) of the app for the new.

Can you confirm if this works for you?

Thanks for the reply
I just tried doing all the things I’ve done earlier with the addition of uninstalling completely overwolf and valorant tracker, checking for updates via overwolf settings, installing the software on a SSD and still 1.5.1
Would you be able to make send me your download file?

I believe I tried this already multiple times double checking it today, maybe they updated now?

According to the change log it was already out for nearly 24 hours
Edit 1: Not to mention it’s a straight rip off from Blitz but blitz performance is so terrible and not usable whatsoever
Edit 2: I’ll be trying to restart my PC maybe it has to do with it in some way
Edit 3: restarting didn’t work

I’m also having this issue which is really annoying me I just want the new update why is is broken for so many people

We are releasing this update in phases to make sure the new feature works properly for most users. Please be patient, we will make it available for everyone today.

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Cheers for the clarification mate, I was losing my mind about what can I do to make it update to the latest version cause that’s why I installed it in the first place.
Either way have a great day!

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