Subscribed in the Tracker Network app but still have ads on Pc

I became a premium member on the tracker network app. I can’t figure out how to restore the same purchase in my R6 overlay since I already subscribed. I feel like I shouldn’t have to subscribe twice.

Hi, thanks for being a premium member! To gain premium benefits in the Overwolf app, you need to link your uplay account here: Tracker Network Login

If you don’t want to use the QR code method to link your account, there is an alternative method with instructions here: How to Link PC and PlayStation R6 Accounts to TRN

Any issues, just let me know, thanks!


HI! I’ve been having the same issue. I bought Premium on the mobile app but still get ads on the R6 Overlay. My Ubisoft Connect account is linked to Tracker Network.

Hi, please could you confirm this is your uplay and you are playing on this account: Nullify1

Am I right in seeing you just purchased premium, if so, try loading into a match and seeing if the ads disappear.

Any further issues, just let me know. Thanks!

Yes I am playing on Nullify1. I’ve played multiple matches today and I’m still getting ads and the overlay prompts me to buy premium.

Hi, would you mind unlinking and relinking your uplay account here please? Apologies for the issues.

I relinked my Ubisoft Connect account and the issue still persists

Hi @Nullify1,

Unfortunately, your Premium membership has not been applied to your Ubisoft profile automatically. Please follow the steps below to recognize your Premium membership.

Open our website:

Sign in with your Tracker Network account using the “Login” button:


Search for your Ubisoft username (Nullify1) on our website. The system should update information about your profile and assign the Premium membership. It will resolve the issue in the desktop app as well.

Please let us know if this approach helps.

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Thank you!
It initially didn’t work but after I restarted my computer it started working.