Swapped account names not updated

I have recently swapped my account names over and now the leaderboards is showing my secondary account when I want it to be linked to my primary account (which now has the name which was on my second acc).

My original gt was CoNNoR lI (with a lowercase L and capital i)

and my secondary was CaIIixtus (with 2 capital i’s for the L’s)

however i have now swapped these over so my main is called CaIIixtus and my second is CoNNoR lI but the leaderboards havent updated. I deleted my linked xbox account and re added the name CaIIixtus however it has linked to my second acc. Please help!

Hi @Callixtus,

It often happens when you change your nickname. I will ask the team to look into this issue.

That would be great, hopefully its an easy fix.

Thank you.

Hi @LostBlood,

Any updates on this? I still cant view either of my accounts and the names still havent swapped over.


Sorry, not yet. The team is currently finishing up current tasks. I hope this issue will be addressed this week. We want to fix it properly to prevent future occasions.

Hi @LostBlood, hope you’re well. Do you have any updates on this problem yet? I still cant view my accounts on the leaderboards :frowning: