Teammates you've played with

so ive noticed, in the matches section, and under teammates and matches you’ve played together, i might be tripping but i think the number slowly goes down? i have a friend and i think we’ve played like 100 unrated or more, and ill check and it just lowers? it says its displaying all acts but idk might be a bug.

Hi @LunaLadybug,

You are right, the number of matches slowly goes down over time. :slight_smile:

We are currently limiting the counter to last 75 days. If you played matches together long time ago, they will not be counted anymore. We will discuss internally if we can make it clear on our website.

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ooo i see! ty for clarifying. i was so confused. i hope someday you’re able to integrate a counter for all matches, id love to see the grand total of matches ive played with a friend.