The app isn't functioning.... am I missing something?

I got the Valorant tracker app because my friends let me know about its functions and I wanted that. I signed in on the website, made my stats public, and got the app. Since then when I launch the app it will not show any account info. When I start Valorant, nothing from the app is there. I’ve found no way to sign in on the app or get my stats to show up/ get the app to do absolutely anything in game. I’m aware of the gui’s it shows and when but they aren’t appearing.

Hi @AnAveragePixel,

Could you send a link to your profile on our website please? You can use the search on this page:

The app should detect your profile automatically when you join a match in any game mode. Please make sure you launch the app before launching the game.

If the app cannot recognize your profile, please send us your logs:

  1. Play a match in Valorant.
  2. Minimize the game after the match.
  3. Right-click on the Overwolf icon in the system tray.
  4. Click on the “Support” button.
  5. Click on the “Create logs zip” button.
  6. Upload the file and share it with us.

You can upload your logs on and share a link on this forum or send in PM.

Thank you.

Could you also open your Overwolf settings and make sure the app is enabled in Valorant?
I played a couple matches last night and they should be here, I don’t have time to play right now but if this doesn’t work I can always try again later on.

Everything on mine looks just like yours does here

Thank you, we are looking into your logs now. I will let you know how to resolve this issue once we understand the problem.

At the moment, Overwolf is getting more similar reports after the recent client update. Could you reinstall the Overwolf client and try again please? It looks like it helped some users to resolve the issue.

Tried this multiple times…

According to the logs, your NVIDIA drivers are outdated and it might be one of the possible reasons why Overwolf cannot detect the game. Could you try to update them, restart the system and check whether you can open the app in-game using a hotkey?

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I have the same problem but me my drivers are up to date so I don’t know what I have to do. I leave you my logs to help me. DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Hi @JujuDeFruits,

Thank you for your logs. Most probably, the app cannot detect Valorant on your PC right now. Did you open the app before launching the game? Is Overwolf Overlay enabled in the app settings?


I did nothing but it was functionning now. Thanks anyway.

Hi ! I am having the same problem where none of my stats are being displayed despite playing multiple ranked and unranked matches. How can i solve this issue?

Hi @D3adL1ne,

Is it your current Valorant profile?

Can you see your Valorant nickname in the app on the left side of the main app window? If not, could you send us your logs?

Hi my valorant tracker just dont work like i dont see my stats
m logged but no rank and matches look: