The application does not take into account matches

Hello, after updating the game in which the “Evolution” event was added, the application stopped counting matches. Sometimes only one in 10 counts, and sometimes nothing at all. What happened?

Hi @Erhogg,

Thank you for your report, we will try to reproduce the issue soon. Do I get it right that new matches do not appear in your match history in the app? What game modes does it happen in? If possible, please send us your logs to help us understand the problem:

In all modes. Sometimes it works in rating arenas, but not always. And in the rest, it stopped working from the very update.

Here are the logs - DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Thank you, I suppose you are mostly having issues with the new temporary game mode (“Rampart Arenas Takeover”).

Unfortunately, Overwolf does not support this game mode right now which is why our app does not receive any information about matches in it. I have sent this information to our partners from Overwolf but it might take too much time to support the new game mode.

Most probably, Arenas will be fully available in the app once the Evolution event is over. If there are any updates on the Overwolf side, I will let you know.

No, you did not understand. Now playing rated Battle Royale and the same thing. So the arenas are not the only problem.

Will you answer me???

Here are some more logs - DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service
Does not work in rated Battle Royale.

Why don’t you answer me? What to do? The application does not count statistics!