The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling

Can’t connect my Origin/EA App account:
“The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling.”

same, but they wont contact you. ive been waiting for over a week now.

@deem4n @nick937, please provide your Origin/EA usernames here.

My Origin\EA username: deem4n

Thank you, Ive been waiting for a a while my origin/EA name is Niick1209, My tracker network name is Nick1209 im not sure why it never updated on the forum side.

@nick937 Is this your account? If so it may of struggled to find it given that it’s a fairly fresh account. Try again please? :slight_smile:

Niick1209’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

yes it is, it tells me this when i try to connect to it… Unable to link the Origin name to your account. Shadow_FighterNL is already linked to it.

my account is not new i updated my name about a month or two ago

hello? any update? i still cannot link my account. This is getting annoying tbh. Im not sure what is more difficult, trying to link my account or trying to get help on this site

@nick937 Sorry for the delayed reply

Can you confirm if this is your EA account?

It looks like we have multiple users with the ‘nickname’ set as nick which is causing the issue; the user Shadow_FighterNL is one of these users.

Feel free to DM me directly :slight_smile:

Hello! Still cant link my Origin profile

Can you please screenshot/let me know what error message you receive when trying to link that Origin ID?

Same issue here. I can search my game profiles and it shows them and the stats on them but when I try to claim them and enter my Origin account it gives this error “The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling.”. I am pretty sure my spelling is correct.
Origin id: akashdv67

Hello I have same problem, my EA/Origin name is Kuzelaak and tracker name is Kuzelak

Hey, same issue. EA Name: Hodseh

I’m also having this issue. My EA/Origin name is SuitedTen64