The new version looks nice, and is completely useless to me

After the update to 3.0, apparently it just shows me at the top of the screen people’s current rank? I used this app for 2 reasons:

  1. To see how many games played someone had (smurf detection)
  2. To see their rank in OTHER game modes, I would use CTRL+G all the time to see where they were in tournament / casual / 3s if I was playing 2s, etc. Gave me a sense of how good certain people were.

Seeing their current rank without the games played/won - I could just use my bakkesmod plugin for that, heh. Not a fan of the new app.


The 3.0 version removed the window that popped up on the left side for every match. Through feedback, we decided to remove this window, as it blocked your view at the start of the match, and it’s a nice benefit to remove the ad during this game phase. The new roster overlay at the top of the screen was the replacement.

You can still see extra details on your opponents. Just press the default hotkey “CTRL+R”.

  1. I hope you can agree that the 2.0 version just provided “record” stats, rather than performance stats. This only allowed you to see how much someone played, rather than how skillful they were. There is still some lifetime stats available, a smurf isn’t going to have a very high number of wins as a new player.

  2. From the arrow in the screenshot above, you can see new method to see stats from other playlists. We may consider adding the CTRL+G hotkey back to allow easier view switching.

Happy to discuss this further with you, do appreciate the feedback. Hope my comments were helpful.


Please add CTRL+G back. I see no reason to remove it and I used it all the time

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Yeah, so completely useless is a bit hyperbolic on my part for sure, I apologize.

If I use CTRL-R to bring it up, and then click on career stats, you get more data than we had before, which is cool. I didn’t realize I could click and interact with it, as the 2.0 version if you got the full app popup, only hotkeys worked for me, not the mouse. Based on that, I think the Scoreboard predictions are pretty cool, but the Career Stats is what I’m more interested in. I LOVE the “peak” indicator, but if I read it right, that is the peak of the current playlist + season? It would be cool to see the Lifetime peak (across all modes?) as well, then maybe I don’t need to switch between playlists as much.

That said, generally I look at 2s rank as a baseline when I’m playing anything but 2s. Then if I’m playing a casual match, and I see a Champ 2 with his two Gold buddies, everything makes sense :). Seeing the casual rank doesn’t mean much, because a lot of those folks only play casual with their friends like this. And generally speaking, the current rank should be close for everyone, if matchmaking is doing its job. Then when I’m in 2s, I’ll look at 1s or 3s rank usually, though in that playlist, there’s a higher chance of seeing a large disparity from teamed up friends.

The trick with the hotkeys, is I’m usually trying to get this info in the scant few seconds before the match starts, or if I see some crazy nonsense, I will look during the goal replay, heh. Hotkeys are life here.

I actually think the default pregame ranks look nice at the top of the screen, I’m just not interested in the current rank usually. And I completely agree with the previous feedback that the large block on the side of the screen can be annoying, I can’t count the number of times my buddy though it was his ball because he didn’t see me to his left, heh.

I’m with you on this, I don’t spit on more info, but not if it costs clarity and accessibility on what is important. Number of wins and ranks across all game modes comes first in priority, rest is accessory in my opinion.

Thank you for your feedback! We see similar feedback from our other users and we are currently working on improvements based on it.

Please feel free to share what you expect to see in the app and how you expect it to work if you have any additional feedback. We will consider all ideas to come up with the best solution.

Yes, Ctrl + G was huge for looking up ranks on different game modes quickly. This update overcomplicated the app when it didn’t need to. It wasn’t broke, in a sense… But it was fixed anyway.

And of course now the tracker isn’t pulling ranks in lobbies, so unless that’s fixed, there’s no reason for me to have this and BakkesMod.

Could you clarify this part please? Do I get it right that the app does not show current ranks for anyone in your matches?


We have found the reason why the app stopped showing stats and released a fix.

More improvements (including the hotkey) are coming soon as well.

Version 3.0.2 has just gone live:

  • You can now switch the playlist stats mid-match with the hotkey CTRL+G.
  • Increased the size of the new Roster Overlay
  • The new Roster Overlay will now persist on your screen. You can hide/show this overlay with the hotkey CTRL+X
  • The second screen window will now show Career Stats by default, rather than the Scoreboard stats.
  • The new “Matchup” stats on the Live Match page did not appear in some circumstances.
  • Fixed the alignment of “Peak Rank” on the Live Match page
  • Fixed the “Hide/Show Second Screen” window button on the Live Match page.

We’ve got more improvements to come:

  • The CTRL+G hotkey will soon control the stats on the new Roster Overlay (at the top of the screen)
  • Stats customization: The option to choose what stats appear on the new Roster Overlay.
  • Further changes to the Live Match (Career Stats) page.

Please let us know if you have any issues, or any further feedback.


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The fixes sound great, but I see there was a full revert. I played two 3s games where I could see people that while not smurfing, were clearly playing with friends (a plat 3 lobby in 3s, but their 2s rank was champ 2, and then later a diamond 3, heh). That’s the kind of thing that brings me here.

When I was playing in a tournament yesterday, I noticed that I was getting casual results when I brought up the full career stats, not sure if that is related to the known issue you had.

CTRL+G + defaulting to career stats probably solves my problem. I do like the “peak rank” option in the new app.

While much of the feedback led to better versions of the app, we made the decision to revert it to 2.7.0 for the time being. The issues reported by you and other users will be worked on internally, and we hope to release the new version again in the future.

Thank you for the valuable feedback as we build the app for you, and as such, are very serious about how you feel about the product.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

I liked the new version. Would love if it were live (even if issues). I think it’s a big improvement!

We’ve listened to all the feedback we’ve recieved and finalizing our plan for re-release.

After development has completed, we may run an opt-in beta test for new feedback, we’ll see closer to the time. Will keep this thread updated.

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