The payment is completed but the Premium is not received

I paid Premium via Paypal subscription, but after waiting for more than 15 minutes, I still can’t modify my profile picture.
Below is a screenshot of my paypal bill history:

Because I don’t use English, I use Google Translate, hoping that the translation software can convey my meaning correctly. xD

There is another suggestion:
I noticed that you used reCAPTCHA when registering and logging in.
But the API domain name used is
Google is not accessible in mainland China for well-known reasons(Only include, obviously I can use Google Translate).
In order to solve this problem, Google provides an alternative API
This domain name is available in Cuba and Mainland China.
Can you consider modifying the API domain name of reCAPTCHA so that users in mainland China and Cuba can use your service smoothly without using VPN?

I’m very sorry for the slow response. Is this still an issue?