The popup video ad is too intrusive

The unskippable video ad on the mobile version of takes up almost 1/4 of the screen, is unskippable/unclosable even after the video fully plays, it really could use some work. I use trn’s tracker enough to make an account to get to this point of being able to give feedback, and I understand the need to generate revenue to maintain, but this ad is overly horrible.

There should be a close button. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Thanks for the swift response, as it turns out, there is a close button, but it only appears intermittently for me, not sure if it matters but I’m using android, chrome browser, edit: I just refreshed it a few times and the close button didn’t appear any of them, but an hour ago I got a close button once, but most of the time it’s not there

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Yea, I looked into it and found an issue. Going to correct it asap. Thanks for reporting.

TRN Premium won’t see these ads at all btw… Sorry, had to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I actually got premium for a year just because of how fast you replied so drinks are on me🍻

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