The tracker doesn't work properly

The game player is as like as two peas. The tracker is not working properly. It can not get players’ information. It is exactly the same as before.

This game update,The tracker is not working properly. It can’t get player information. It’s exactly the same as before,I hope it can be repaired as soon as possible,Thank you for your hard work~~

Hi @a826749586,

Do I get it right that you are talking about live tracking in the app? If so, please make sure you have followed all our instructions ([Troubleshooting] How to fix live tracking issues) and send us your logs if none of them helped ([Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs).

This method has been tried and has no effect. Real time tracker and live match will not work

Please attach your Overwolf logs in this case. We will try to find the issue.

I’ve uploaded it to

DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service is this one?

Yes, thank you.

Do I get it right that live tracking worked for you during the past few days but stopped working today?

OK, it looks like the lobby overview is not available after the game update. We are working on a fix.

Thank you for your report. I will let you know once we have a fix.

After 0.7.4 is invalid, 0.8.0 to 0.8.2 have been fixed and have effect. Today’s game update has no effect

How long will it take us to fix this problem? Thank you for your hard work~

Hopefully, the issue will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday.

The fix is live (it was released faster than we expected). Please let us know if you were able to make it work.