The tracker is not great delete the tracker

The tracker says I only have 10 wins… and there are errors.

I have over 310 wins recently and the tracker is saying the data places are failing so data is not updating… I want my records from here and tracker account delete from this place especialy because it has my actual name on it.

If you can delete the acount that is great.

Hi @Joshasasg1,

If your stats are incorrect, it means we receive the wrong data from Activision. It may happen sometimes and there is nothing we can do on our side. Please contact Activision to get more information about the data sources.

If you want to hide your stats, please follow the instruction on our website:

@Joshasasg1 You can make your stats private and remove your page from the site if you follow the guide that @LostBlood posted.

Please don’t make threats or be aggressive. We do our best to help people. We do not charge any money to remove stats or fix stats or anything else like that.


Premium support gets you a response faster, but the community forum, where we are now works too.

You can delete your account here: Tracker Network Login

This here

says that you can not remove the statistics by deleting your acound and says dont do it and contact support instead… that is your 3rd reply not stating that your going to do anything abot my fake info being sent to everyone on tracker.

[my posts are getting delete and not edit]

Follow the guide here to remove your stats from our site. This guide shows you how to make your stats public, but you can follow the same steps to make your profile private.

This says Set your profile to public on COD. My profile is set to private and has not been changed. It also is the same on battle net. If you are referencing to this are you saying contact COD abot tracker not abiding by law and deleting my info or what…

Can I see a screenshot of your callofduty privacy settings?

We can help you only if you cooperate with us. Otherwise, there is nothing we can do.

I am closing this topic as we gave you all the instructions you need to hide your stats on our website. Feel free to create a new one if you still have questions.