"This profile is most likely anonymized" bug?

Won’t show my RR for immortal even though my leaderboard is not set to anonymized. IGN: fierystriker#MVP

Hi @fierystriker,

I could not find your profile in the Valorant leaderboard, we use it to update your rating:

Do I get it right that this setting is not enabled on your side?

Yes the setting is not enabled, but somehow I don’t show up on the leaderboard still?

Update: I realized I still appear as “Secret Agent” on the leaderboard, even when my profile is not anonymized.

@fierystriker According to this reddit thread, “Secret Agent” can be shown on the leaderboards if you have Streamer Mode enabled.

According to this article:

The streamer mode in Valorant can be turned on from the privacy section in the general settings. Toggling on the option would make the player’s name invisible to teammates as well as opponents.

I don’t have Valorant installed to confirm if this is the case. Can you check in the Privacy Section of the General settings in Valorant to ensure you do not have Streamer Mode enabled?

Streamer mode is not enabled.

It sounds like your profile is incorrectly anonymized on the Valorant leaderboards then. If that’s the case, TRN will not be able to update your profile because they pull from the Valorant leaderboards themselves.

It might be worth throwing in a Support ticket with Riot to have them take a look as they will be the only ones able to diagnose and rectify the issue since it is on their end.

I will say that I have seen a few other reddit threads containing similar complaints where they at one point had clicked the “Anonymize?” checkbox on the leaderboard out of curiosity and were not able to un-anonymize their profile even after de-selecting the checkbox. A few users had reported that it took a few days for things to sort out while others said it had been weeks or longer since de-selecting that checkbox with no change. Some reported success with speaking to Riot Support while many others stated that Riot was unable/unwilling even to fix the issue.

I hope Riot Support is able to get you set so you can see your profile data again.