This tracker does not work for me

Fall Guys tracker does not work for me

Hey, can you please explain what doesn’t work? Will help us. Thanks!

It does not track my stats

Any chance that you were running the game while installing the app? Did you run the app for the first time and it didn’t track your matches? Are you playing in a special game mode?

I’ve had the app for a while. It has not worked once for me. I play the Main Show game mode.

Hey @Primai, can you please share your overwolf logs with us?
On the Overwolf tray icon (next to the clock) do a right-click > Support > Click on “Create logs zip”.

Thank you!!Att0Z7u6QM_SjUYVrWf7fK-bQY2S?e=WLPxT0

Hey, thank you for sharing this! It’s really helpful. The logs are showing the app was opened multiple times in-game and that everything should potentially work, we don’t see any errors as well.

Can you please share a screenshot of the app’s window?

Thank you again for helping us.

I have won many games. It tracks all the way to the final and then it ends, and I get nothing on the statistics

Got it, thanks. Will you be willing to hop on a Discord call with us to share a screen so we can maybe tackle this together? We have a bunch of options on the table but this will shorten the communication and will hopefully resolve the issue quicker. Can you DM me your Discord nickname please?

Thank you!


Unfortunately I do not have a microphone right now :confused:

It’s okay :slight_smile: Thank you! Adding now.

When do you have time?

Happy to share that this issue is resolved! Thank you so much for helping out.