Tips and guides in the report of the mobile app (for valorant)

I love this application and love even more those after game report.

I think they give really good insight on how I’m progressing and I think they’re quite useful.
What I like the most are the “Tips and Guides” that I can read about my K/D, ADR, ACS or HS% (on valorant) because they’re directly impacting my progression. But I’m kinda disapointed that I can only see the tips and guides for one of those at a time. If I want to check how to improve my K/D score for example, I need to change the “Session Report Focus” to K/D and I’ll then get advice on my K/D score and only my K/D score for the next report.
I would really like to be able to check the advice for all 4 categories for each report.

Maybe it’s limited for a reason, thought I’ll ask anyways!

Have a great day!

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