Tracker doesnt show me in match

I have the tracker on while I’m in a ranked match and it doesn’t show anything it just says waiting for next match. It is updated as well.

Same thing is happening to me right now

The same thing is happening to right now i tried uninstalling it restating my pc with no progress in fixing the problem.

yea i tried restarting my pc as well… i tried opening it before opening the game. nothing works. It still tracks all my stats but as for live matches it doesnt show anything.

same here.
would be nice to get fixed.:slight_smile:

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same thing. there is just nothing

lets hope they fix this soon

I hope so I haven’t seen anyone else make a thread on it and I haven’t seen a Dev address it. If they did I hope they rectify the situation.

Hey all, this is a known issue currently, there are problems with the Overwolf API, and they are working on a fix. We hope it will be resolved soon today.

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same for me nothing work

@Kaiobtw The Overwolf API is currently down, they are working on fixing it. We hope it will be resolved later today.