Tracker don't load when mach start

I have the tracker on while I’m in a ranked match and it doesn’t show anything it just says waiting for next match
All worked fine 6months ago (long time) but on the same pc

I’m sorry for the late reply. Is that still the case?

Yes that’s still not working

@DUBBLE3535 can you please send us your Overwolf logs so we can take a look? right-click on the overwolf icon > support > create log zip file button.

Hey yes I send you that
Here are the logs
Also I tried with R6 with and without Vulkan and that don’t work (I don’t know if that can be that)

@DUBBLE3535 we released a fix for the issue. Can you please make sure that everything is reset, run overwolf before the game, and try again? If you still have an issue, you will appreciate it if you can send me logs once again. Thank you for helping.

Hello again and sorry but no that’s still not working
It stay on "Waiting for the match to start
I have also tried to uninstall Overwolf
Here are the logs after the update and all

@DUBBLE3535 we talked to Overwolf and they asked us to request you will contact them with that info in this discussion. I think it will be okay if you link them to here. Can you please write them through that link? I’m sorry it’s taking some time but I’m sure that Overwolf will be able to figure it out:

Thank you.