Tracker dont show stats in game and in agent selection

Tracker dont show stats in game and in agent selection, key binds dont do anything

Hi, can you follow these steps first please? They should resolve the issue.

I obviously did that 100 times
Dont work :frowning:

If the app doesn’t work today, can you send me your app logs and I’ll look into this further. Thank you. (92.7 KB)

Hi, your logs are rather strange. Have you reinstalled Overwolf? If so, your logs get wiped. There’s nothing in the logs which tell me you’ve launched VALORANT.

If you haven’t reinstalled Overwolf, I’d suggest doing so. You’ll need to reinstall our app also. If you’re running VALORANT with admin perms, I’d also advice against that.

I had reinstalled Overwold and the tracker twice cause of my issues so idk
And VALORANT dont run in admin

Okay, thanks for the info. Unfortunately I won’t be able to help you any further, as this seems to be an issue on Overwolf’s end.

I’d recommend creating a ticket with them here. I’d attach your logs and mention Tracker Network have sent you. I’d also include a link to this thread so they can understand what steps you’ve already taken.

Hopefully this can be sorted quickly :slight_smile: