Tracker for r6 not correct

I just created an account and for some reason none of my stats are correct. My ubisoft stat tracker is correct and up to date, but for some reason this tracker thinks ive only played like 3 hours of this game? says i have 0 stats for unranked games? i don’t get why it’s missing like 95% of the data attached to my acct.

when you scroll all the way to the bottom it looks like for demon veil specifically they are correct (maybe?) but the entire summary section is wrong.

my acct name in game is Steef9

Hi, the lifetime stats are currently not updating, see more on that issue here: Lifetime & Operator Stats not Updating for R6

The ubisoft stat tracker uses a different data source, they only provide data up to 90 days old. The seasonal data is working correctly on our site, that provides accurate data.

Any further questions, please let me know.