Tracker has right and bottom cut off

I just downloaded the Tracker, but this is virtually unusable, I assume it’s a bug?

Hi, please make sure that your display scaling in Windows is set to 100%.

Turning that down to 100% did fix Tracker, but completely butchered everything else on my computer, it has 125% as the recommended. Are there any other fixes available?

Hi @Sailure,

Could you please try this approach described in our Discord?

Thanks, that worked great! You the man

I have this same issue (along with the screen scale problem), but when I click on this discord link it says “no text channels.” I assume this is because something was changed in the discord server, so could you post the fix here instead?

Please follow these instructions carefully:

Option 1:

  1. Make sure your display scaling is set to 100% in the Windows settings menu like so:
  2. Close Overwolf from your system tray like so:
  3. Open our app
  4. Launch your game

Option 2:

  1. Close your game
  2. Make sure your DPI settings are as follows:
  3. Close Overwolf from your system tray like so:
  4. Open our app
  5. Launch your game

Option 2 worked perfectly for me! Thanks!