Tracker is way too big, so I can't see most of it

DotaPlus has the same problem in Dota 2 sometimes but they added a scale option so you can manually change it to suit your tastes. I have a feeling it’s because I’m using a 4K monitor but running the game at 1440p so the game enlarges, Whereas I run DotaPlus in 4K but it still has problems with the scaling sometimes.

Hi @xCeeTee,

Unfortunately, Overwolf does not scale apps automatically in such cases. We hope to provide the scale option in our apps in the future. However, it will take us some time to add this option because there are particular parts of our apps we cannot easily scale.

At the moment, you can change scaling in your Windows settings to improve the situation in all Overwolf apps. This is the only solution we are aware of right now.

Thanks for getting back to me @LostBlood. I actually found out that I could fix the problem using a guide by Overwolf themselves. I can now see the overlay perfectly and won’t actually need a scaling option personally.

I’ll leave the link here in case you see other posts like this.

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Thank you for the link. :slight_smile: