Tracker isn't loading any information

I’ve had the tracker for a week and have played 5/7 days, but it’s always saying it cannot connect. I’ve checked my firewalls and that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I don’t have any AV software or any hardware that restricts the internet

This feels like it’s an internet connection error to me. But on my end, I’ve not managed to find a single fault and it’s the only tracker that does it. The Apex tracker works flawlessly, just not the Valorant one.

I have also been served with advertisements which were outdated as of the 1st of May. McDonald’s did special offers every day last month, so the advertisement for the promotion was deprecated over a fortnight ago. I’ve allowed everything related to Overwolf through my firewall.

Hi @xCeeTee,

Do I get it right that it happens in our Overwolf app? Does it happen on our Valorant website?

Yes, it’s just the Overwolf app that the issue occurs. The website loads my stats up fine.

Edit: I have started to see some teammates’ stats, but still nothing for me in the main overlay. The overlay that pops up when you are selecting an agent shows me my stats, but when I go back into the main menu screen and activate the main overlay, it shows all of my stats as 0. The global stats of other players show fine and are updating. I have checked my profile isn’t private multiple times and it’s definitely not. Also, the service status is showing green to say everything’s good.

Could you send your logs please?

DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service Here’s my logs for the Overwolf app.

Thank you. As far as I can see, your current Valorant nickname is DUIvysaur#3030 and your profile is private:

However, you linked a different Valorant account on our website. Could you try to link your current Valorant account you are using in the game?