Tracker network app

The app isnt showing my correct rank for apex ranked I’m plat and it’s showing bronze 4 and I’ve played 17 ranked games this new season so far

@FATALxSCENE We reset ranks each season upon launch; this takes quite some time to process given the volume of players we track.

Everything is now working as intended for Season 12 in terms of Ranked Points/Arena points

Data for Mad Maggie is on the way also.

Thank you

Mine isn’t working I have friends who use the app and it’s showing there correctly but not mine

How long does it take to update cause I’ve played 17 ranked games so it should of updated by now everyone else I know updated to correct rank

@FATALxSCENE Your BR rank is currently showing as Plat 4

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If you mean our desktop app and you use Steam to play Apex Legends, you will not be able to get your current rank in the app as it does not fully support Steam right now. In this case, you can see your ranks on the website only.