Tracker never runs

The tracker hardly ever decides to run, when it does run its great but its just annoying that it doesnt work all the time. Ill have overwolf running and the tracker closed and launch valorant, the tracker doesnt automatically open. ill have overwolf running and the tracker open and launch valorant and the tracker still wont work. this also goes for some of the other overwolf applications i got. any reason as to this? thanks!

Hey @Ragsterinja, can you please make sure that in the Overwolf settings under the “Overlays & Hotkeys” tab, the red marker is on and autosettings is set to “on” as well?

hello rodex.

yes i have all these settings enabled. i have turned them off and on many times just to make sure. ive uninstalled and reinstalled overwolf several times and it still doesnt wanna track my game. magically sometimes it works but its rare.

Got it.

I think we will need some assistant from Overwolf @Ragsterinja. Any chance that you can contact them here?

Thank you!