Tracker not allowing me to log in correctly

Ive tried to log in to use the Warzone tracker overlay, but it seems to keep looping. When I go to the OBS overlay option, it takes me to the TRN overlay creator. Then when I try to find my account under Warzone, it takes me right back to the original Tracker website. It never allows me to log in for the overlay. Anyone else having this problem?

I am having this same problem, the second I try to put my battlenet account in it loops me back to the tracker page and will not allow me to edit an overlay

I am having the same issue. I am logged in through xbox but it just continues asking me to login.

Ive found the solution to this. When you go to search for your account, instead of telling it to log in via the bottom two options under the search bar, click the drop down to the left of the search bar. This will allow you to change between battlenet, activision, console, etc.