Tracker not updating *public stats are on*

My username is Swampdonkey757 and my stats aren’t updating. It says unranked, and only 6 hours played but I’m Plat2 with 100’s of hours played probably. Can anyone help me? I’m interested in paying for premium but I haven’t been able to get it to even work at all

Any support help from staff?

Hi @Swampdonkey757,

I noticed that you have linked a different Fortnite profile to your Tracker Network account:

Is Swampdonkey757 your new nickname or is it a different account? Both accounts can be viewed on our website at the moment which may cause issues if it is the same account with two different nicknames.

We will also need your Epic Games ID to check the issue. You can read here how to find it:

[Photo removed]

I think I had 2 accounts, this is the ID and display name

Thank you. There is someone’s Epic Games account that has exactly the same nickname which is why you see incorrect stats. This account prevents us from getting and showing your stats.

Please use this direct link to view your own profile stats:

Alternatively, please enter this in the search field to find your account:

psn(Swampdonkey757) (simply add psn( and ) in the beginning and in the end of your nickname respectively).


Okay thank you! Maybe I can change my name to something different ? The epic games Swampdonkey757 is probably mine but I log into my PSN, that goes straight to epic games Swampdonkey757.