Tracker website and the app itself aren't working

Hello, I hope you are all doing well, it’s been a month or two that tracker website and application has completely stopped working for me, it’s a miracle that the feedback website does work…

the website looks like this:

and the app doesn’t find anything about my profile and even the current match

in game data while in match, nothing shows up

and here is my app log:

I would appreciate any help!
Thank u

Hi @Panini,

It looks like both the app and the website fail to establish connection to our servers for some reason. Could you check if the same issue happens in your other browsers and/or on your other devices? Do you use VPN (as far as I know, Opera offers their own VPN)?

Could you also clarify which part of the Live Match feature does not work in the app? There may be two situations:

  • the Live Match page does not show anything at all;
  • the Live Match page shows all players but fails to load their stats.

Hello @LostBlood I did check that, the problem is not my browser since this happens in all my devices (even on my phone), and I don’t use any VPNs on any of my devices tbh

for the app, nothing works on it, i cannot even search for my own account (Panini メ#koi) on the App (and my account was indeed public when it used to work)
image here:

so basically I’m very lost.

thank you for your reply!

Thank you, I sent all this information to the team, we will review the issue soon.

Could you check now please? It looks like our automatic systems banned you, but the issue should be resolved now.

If you are still experiencing this issue on any devices, please send me your IP for each device in private messages on this forum.

it does work now, thank you!!!

i have one question tho, what might’ve been the issue? could it because I’m from Iraq or is it just a false positive kind of automatic check?

Unfortunately, we cannot see an exact reason when the system bans someone, sometimes it affects people living in other countries as well.