Tracker wont find my new profile or my premium membership

Hello, I recently changed my name from TruckHauler223 to luxzv and it will no longer recognize my profile. I also purchased premium recently and none of the perks are working, still have ads etc.

Hi, we can’t detect the name change as Ubisoft’s API has been experiencing an outage since the new season.

I presume you’re ad-free everywhere except the desktop app? If that’s the case, can you let me know your Overwolf username? You can find your Overwolf username on the Personal Info tab on Overwolf’s settings page. You can DM the username to me if you prefer.

Hi, I was assuming that was the case. My username on the overwolf app is luxzv
Thank you!

Hi, I need the Overwolf username, not your Ubisoft username. My post above shows where to find your Overwolf username. With your Overwolf username, I should be able to remove the ads.

Oh sorry about that I was reading nickname rather than username, my username is “maxmunssss” n
thank you!

my username on tracker network is “luxzv” on there it shows my premium benefits and the expiration date of my subscription, it is just in the tracker network app/ overlay it wont change.

Hi @luxzv,

The app cannot find your profile with your new nickname because of issues on the Ubisoft side:

It prevents the app to detect your Premium membership as well because your in-game account “does not exist” right now (according to Ubisoft APIs).

We expect to get a fix from Ubisoft next week. The app will be able to recognize your in-game account once the fix is live.

Regarding the Premium membership issue:

I updated your subscription status in the app, please let me know if ads are gone (you may need to restart Overwolf).