Tracket Alt+T Crashing Valorant (2.7 MB)
First time this happens to me.
Alt+T crashes Valorant, Tab is fine.

me too even opening the overwolf overlay crashes my game

Same, it happened a few times in my game a few minuts ago. It has to be tracker because it only occured when i alt + T and i tried it a few times.

im having the same issue
pls help ppl


Sorry about the game crashes everyone, this was an unfortunate Overwolf bug and related to the latest game update. We’re seeing what can be done to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

I’ll be posting updates on our Discord, you can stay updated there.

Thank you!

Note: ctrl+tab will also crash the game.

Hi, the issue has been resolved, please follow the steps in our discord’s announcement channel, linked above. Thanks.

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