Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ

Which platforms do you support?

All current platforms are supported.

If you are playing on the Steam client or the Nintendo Switch; the first time you load into Apex Legends you are forced to create and link an Origin ID; we require that you search this ID when looking for your account statistics. This is not something we have control over and at the present time do not support direct Steam Linking.

Origin/Playstation/Xbox users can simply search their respective ID/Gamertags on the home page.

Why are my stats inaccurate?

When it comes to Apex Legends we are very limited on what data is presented to us; if you have used any of our other sites you may be aware that a majority of game developers provide all of the data required for a great leaderboard site which allows us to present everything from Kills, KD to the distance your bullet traveled before hitting somebody without players having to follow specific methods to accurately update their profiles.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Apex Legends we can only ever see;

  • The current Legend you are playing (Also known as the ‘featured legend’ in-game)
  • All three ‘Tracker’ slots for your currently selected Legend with some limitations
  • Your current ‘Ranked Points’ for the Ranked Battle Royale mode.
  • Your current ‘Arena Points’ for the Ranked Arenas mode.
  • Your global account level (Even after hitting the in-game cap of 500!)

What are the Tracker Limitations?

  • All ‘Base’ Trackers are supported (If they launched with the game or a newly shipped legend they work! Kills, Damage, SMG kills, Legend abilities, etc. (All of these trackers ship with zero artwork on the background of the tracker)
  • All ‘Battle pass reward’ Trackers are supported (These are the trackers awarded to those who hit certain milestones within the battle pass system. Typically each legend will receive a Kills, Wins & Damage tracker in the theme of the battle pass. These are all supported.

Here comes the issue - ‘Limited Time/Collection Event/Special event trackers’ are not fully supported at this time. While we are doing our best to provide support for ALL of these trackers it’s very much a work in progress at the present time.

As an example below - On the left, these ‘trackers’ would be visible to us (Note the backgrounds) and the standard ‘trackers’ on the right would work fine!


My total accounts statistics are inaccurate?

As noted above we can only ever update one Legend at a time, and we cannot see your ‘account total’ statistics that are displayed in-game. If you wish to update your totals that will require players to update one Legend at a time with the appropriate trackers enabled.

My rank scores are not accurate?

Players are required to play a minimum of two games per split in the Ranked playlists for their RP/AP to update.

For the Arenas playlist, you are required to play at least 1 match after your 10 placement matches for your rank to show on site.

Why is my Arena Win Streak not showing?

We do support Arena Win Streaks however at the current time we can only see the data for those who did not unlock the limited edition variation of the win streak badge. The badge on the left of the below example is the standard tracker which we can trace, the ‘upgraded’ badge on the right is currently not trackable. This will be fixed.


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