TRN links sending me to the wrong account?

Hi! I am an admin of a large-ish group of Rocket league players. We user TRN to help us “place” incoming players in the league we run. For a number of incoming players, the links they submitted all lead back to a PSN RL account that is the same. I am pretty confident the account the link is taking me to is not the account I am searching for.

What can i do to get to the right account?

Edit: the problem seems to be only on PSN accounts, and I always get sent to an account called AeonLucid. I have tried with 5 different, completely unrelated tracker links at this point.

Hi @hoospitalball,

Could you share several examples of links you are using please? It would help us to understand the problem much better.

Sure thing. Im sure there are others, because the last one was me randomly testing an account to see if it was a “me issue” or not. Its not ALL psn accounts, but it is a decent number of them. As a new user, im limited to 2 links in a response, so the rest will be in the next reply

Pino Account
Pinkyxv Account

PinkyFlower Account
ChrisP Bacon Account

There’s another 2 accounts, but the filter doesn’t want me to type its name. I suppose ones inappropriate, not sure why the filter doesn’t like it…

Edit: apparently it got hit by community flags for spam

Okay, so due to getting hit with community flags for spam when i posted links, I cant give you the links @LostBlood, but the names are:

  • pino6518
  • pinkyxv
  • PinkyFlower1226
  • ChrisP_-_Bacon
  • Aeon_Altis

Every one of these are PSN accounts, like i said. Also, The last one was me randomly testing an account to see if it was a “me issue” or not. Its not ALL psn accounts that send me to the AeonLucid page, but it is a decent number of them.

Also something to note, i bet its happening with others. 11 hours ago AeonLucid had just about 14,000 page views. Now he’s up to 17,000. That makes me think ~3,000 other people have a similar issue.

Thank you. I restored your previous posts, our team will review the issue soon.


We deployed a fix.

Thank you very much for your help! It seems to be working again on my end too!