[TRN STAFF?] Overlay Idea

I wrote a simple animation in html & css that I used to shuffle thru my overlays from here at TRN. I was curious if you guys wanted the source so that you could write it in to the Rocket League overlays?

Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out:
twitch-stuff/div-marquee-test.html at main · sjtrotter/twitch-stuff (github.com)

(it’s not actually using divs lol, I tried switching to divs vice the iframes at the bottom)

Basically as an end user, I created overlays for each category, then put the links at the bottom in the iframes (that’s what you’d have to do to customize it for yourself).

If you wanted less categories, you’d also have to edit the animation keyframes.

edit: just wanted to note that the last iframe is empty, so there is a bit of lag between the last category and the first.

re-edit: also, if you want to see it live you can check out my latest published video on twitch:
Playing with Friends! …Road to Affiliate :purple_heart: - Twitch

Hi @ki3den,

Thank you for your feedback! We will discuss internally if we can implement something similar.