[Troubleshooting] Live Match - R6 Tracker Desktop App

I’m experiencing issues with “Live Match” features

Firstly, please check the service status within the app. Currently, in most cases, when there is a new game patch, Overwolf need to make updates to their API so that our app can see things like who’s in your match etc. There is a service status in the app that indicates if the app is having issues, or if everything is working normally.

When the API is down after a game patch, in some cases, you will not be able access the “Live Match” features and other stats may be unavailable. This would be temporary, usually a day or two max, but only for big game patches.

Please be aware of possible issues caused by security updates as welll:

I’ve read the above, I’m a new user, the app is still not working for me

Solution 1. Close your game, open our app and navigate to the settings page. Check you have a hotkey assigned & you’ve allowed the app to work as an overlay.

Solution 2. If you downloaded the app whilst your game was already open, please close your game, make sure our app is open before you relaunch the game. Once you enter a match, your account will be detected automatically, you do not have to sign in.

I’m an existing user and experiencing issues

If the “Live match” feature is having issues, please close your game, close Overwolf from your system tray, then restart Overwolf before relaunching your game.

I’m still experiencing issues with “Live Match” features

Please reach out to Overwolf support here. There could be a few reasons the app is not working correctly for you, they should be able to find a solution for you.

If you are experiencing issues with something else, please post a detailed description of the issue along with logs in our forum - If you need help generating logs, a guide is available here.

Thanks for downloading our app! We want you to have a perfect experience, any issues or suggestions, please feel free to post them in our forum or discord server.