Trying to find a friend on the leaderboard for 'kills'

Hi ive been looking for a friend on the kills leaderboard its believed he should be 1528 but isnt showing for some unknown reason, he has 9605 kills (last checked) but no where to be seen, is there any reason he isnt showing up? thought i should add his name is TTV_ReaperReapz

Can you maybe provide their account link so I can review it?

With millions of users, it’s a little tricky to pinpoint these things without a bit of help.

Thank you

hey sorry i forgot to add it

his names TTV_ReaperReapz

XDefiant Leaderboard - Kills - XDefiant Tracker

Position #124 as of this message.

  • Please note, leaderboards update periodically rather than instantly

would you be able to find world wide? and as to why we cant see him at all?