Unable to Join Arenas Challenge

Just completed the Arenas challenge for the 10 win-streak, but I’m getting an error that says that I “must have a valid profile and at least 1 win streak.” I’ve linked all of the necessary accounts and my arenas badge is displayed on my profile. Please help!


I’m aware of this issue and shall pass the matter over to the team now.

Basically you’re using the limited edition ‘upgraded’ arenas badge from the pre-season 9 event. I personally didn’t factor this is in when adding badge trackers.

I’ve added this to our bug list and we’ll hopefully have things patched up ASAP

Thanks, RhippiN!

Will you guys be manually adding players like me to the challenge list (that has already ended)? I don’t know what rewards there are, but it was the reason that made me play arenas in the first place! Super dope, thanks for the update.

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