Unable to link acocunt

I’ve already linked my Epic Games and Twitch accounts, but it keeps refusing to let me add origin…

Ain’t working for me either, neither is the PSN ID working.

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@DeathTrick @soloQn00b

Did you guys see the tan error above? If you link some of the other accounts that we can verify, it will let you add the ones we cant. It’s a bit of a reputational system to combat those who like to abuse.


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Ofc i saw it. As you can see from my screenshot provided i have already linked two required accounts, it just refuses to link Origin.

It shows the pop-up whic appeared upon trying to link Origin.
And it also shows i have already got both my Twitch and Epic ID linked

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you’re right. looking into it.

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Thankyou. Appreciate the speedy response :slight_smile:

Weird. Can Refresh (f5) and just try to add it again? If that doesn’t work, please share w/ me your user name. Thanks.

Tried it numerous times and had no luck. My origin ID is same as my username, and as shown in the screenshot.


I linked it for you. I still have no idea why it wouldn’t link, I’ll investigate it later. But you should be good to go now.

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Thanks. Appreciate that


Got exactly the same error when trying to add my origin platform :

Could you help me please ?

Thanks a lot !

Same problem here with linking PlayStation. Reddit, Twitch and Epic Games are linked.

You’re required to link two platforms we can verify before adding origin (or ubisoft)

Unfortunately we’re required to do this to try limit abuse of players attempting to link accounts they do not own.

Can you screenshot your linking page if you’re struggling to link an origin account while already having verified others?

A quick fix may be to log out and log back in again and then try.

Any further issues message me!

Someone pls help. Used the wrong email when connecting to XBL account. Will not let me get my actual account displayed. Just showing some random account I made a long time ago. Have changed email and everything.

Unlink your Xbox account here; Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (thetrackernetwork.com)

Relink the correct one

Linked PS4 today. Everything seems fine.

I’m having the same issue but bc I’m not a premium member I am unable to get technical support. (does no one else find that in itself to be an issue) linked three total accounts and it still will not let me claim my profile. i have removed all of my accounts and re-linked them as well.

Does anyone know if their is a way of changing your Email as I no longer have access and can’t link my account to PS4 from xbx1s

You can update your Tracker email here if that is your question?

Tracker Network | Settings - Change Email (thetrackernetwork.com)