Unable to navigate the destiny tracker overlay with my mouse

When I play destiny 2 with the over wolf destiny tracker app I can click my hotkey to display the overlay. The issue is all of my inputs are registered for the game behind the overlay. There is no cursor for me to use to navigate the different tabs. I cannot navigate the overlay at all.

Hi @XBoxpsycho8192,

Do I get it right that you have this issue in the game menu only? Could you tell us please if you can use your cursor in the app during a match?

No I cannot. When I click Alt + X (my hotkey) the overlay pops up, and that is it. I cannot interact with it at all. I do not have a cursor, and I cannot use arrow keys to navigate the overlay. When the overlay is up I can still see my character moving around/ looking around in the background. My game still receives my mouse inputs however the overlay doesn’t show me a mouse cursor.

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Thank you, we will try to reproduce the issue soon. Could you also tell us please what display mode is set in your game settings (e.g., Fullscreen)? Could you change your display mode setting and check if the app works properly in this case?

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I use Fullscreen. I have not tried other screen modes yet, because I need fullscreen on for Gsync to work properly.