Unable to Submit Lineup

I’ve been attempting to submit a lineup (from my PC) for a while, but no matter what I try it continues to display an error message “Network Error”. I’ve tried recording a new video, and downloading the video and submitting it from my phone (the browser since the app doesn’t have this option). The same error message pops up when I try this. My internet is fine, but I’m not sure if it could still be on my end or not nonetheless.

I have the same problem now, and I can’t find any help on what should I do about it. It just does not work and I can’t figure out why.

Same problem. Did anyone figure it out how to fix this?

same here, ;-;

Please try reducing the file size of your upload, also, make sure your upload does not exceed the maximum clip length.

I believe the max file size is slightly lower than what’s stated on the upload page. Think it’s 200MB, not 245MB.