Unknown error during account authentication

I changed my epic name and now everytime i look on fortnite tracker on my profile the name isnt refreshed yet

Same issue here. When I try to authenticate with the epic games account, I get an unknown authentication error occurred.

Hi @F1_Dark,

It usually takes some time to update your nickname. When did you change it?

Hi @Sgt.JimmyRustles,

I noticed our website returns an error when I search for your profile (https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/search?q=Sgt.JimmyRustles). We are trying to identify the issue, could you provide more information please?

Were you able to view your profile (or did you search for your stats) before your attempt to authenticate with Epic Games?


It’s been that way constantly.
I don’t think I tried to view my stats before authenticating.

I have never been able to view my epic games store stats with rocket league.

It used to update instantly but not anymore plus when i unlink and link epic games account the site says “uknown error during authenticating” and by name i mean the epic name not the trn name i have to search my profile with the old name because if i do it with the new one it says user not found but in fortnite its refreshed

Nvm i solved it :)))

I forgot to mention, I did change my username from SgtJRustles to Sgt.JRustles yesterday. Also, the fortnite tracker can find me, just not Rocket League.