Update broke Window Location Saving

Prior to the update I was able to relocate the stat window on my 2nd screen and regardless of whether a match started as long as I had the tracker open it would stay in that location.

With the update EVERY match it re-centers on the screen, and this is ESPECIALLY annoying for streamers / content creators / anyone that has multiple things on their secondary screen.

Please fix this ASAP.


I may have a temporary solution:

  1. Open the app from your desktop and move the window to your second screen.
  2. App settings > Second Screen > Disable Screen Access – This should prevent the app from re-centering after each match.

We have to “respawn” the app on the second screen to make sure the window appears above other programs. With the old app, it could get buried behind other windows. We’ll see what we can do to stop the dedicated second screen window from re-centering.

Was there a lot of people asking for the window to always appear above other programs? It’s easy to keep an app on top if you want it to be on top. I prefer to be able to hide it while I’m in private matches or any time I don’t want to see it. Now that’s impossible… If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Now to get to use an “old” feature, I have to do a work around and disable the feature… And I have to remember to do that every time I launch the game, after never having to do it before, ever. You know, it’s ok to give the user control over what windows are on top. So instead, maybe make it an option that people can select in the settings to always stay on top.

My apologies for the tone of this. It’s just super annoying. This thing has been DOMINATING my 2nd monitor…