Val Tracker doesnt appear in game

The title is basically the gist of the problem, i deleted and redownloaded valorant in another file destination and now Valorant tracker wont show up in game. i can still open tracker network but it wont open automatically with valorant anymore and when i open the tracker manually is still wont work in game. ive tried deleting and redownloading the tracker, signing out and logging in, and running as an administrator and nothing works. any help is apreciated and i look forward to fixing this issue.

Hi, it sounds like you’ve reinstalled VALORANT itself in an uncommon location, and Overwolf is struggling to detect your game launching.

We can only recommend that you install VALORANT in the default installation location and see if that resolves the issue.

If you’ve installed VALORANT on another drive, it might be worth trying to match the file path the default install location uses.
E.g. try to use:
D:\Program Files\Riot Games\VALORANT, rather than D:\Games\Valo for example.

Let us know how you get on.

moved its download path to program files and it worked, thank you and i apreciate the help

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