Val tracker shows different ADR from in-game (NO SPIKE PLANTS)

My in-game ADR says 300 while the tracker indicates 255. I am aware of the spike feature that is corrected for in the tracker. However, I never planted the spike so this cannot be the source of the discrepancy.

bump, still looking for information

Hi @yea,

Please refer to this answer:

Thanks for the reply, however my agent is incapable of dealing team damage. Also, I never planted spike. What other errors are even possible for this to occur?

We will check this match report soon.

(I removed my previous reply. Please ignore it.)

Hi, on round 14 you dealt 999 damage to yourself when the bomb detonated. We’ve excluded this damage from our calculations, the game has not.

If that 999 damage is included, your ADR would be 300.59.

Hope this clears the issue up.