Valorant ADR Discrepancy

Random games in my tracker seem to have differences in ADR:

For example the most recent game played, shows 139 ADR but then when you click on the game it shows 183. This happens once every 10 games or so. Any ideas on a fix?

that’s actually an old bug that resurfaced for some reason… the scoreboard ADR counts the 999 damage a bomb deals to you after you plant it and dont get out of the blast.
i’ll make sure that gets fixed soon-ish, great catch.

So this can cause the tracker ADR to be lower than in-game ADR, or just higher? Because in my games I notice sometimes ADR is lower and sometimes higher than the true value

the scoreboard ADR will show up as higher than the one on match list. if you’re also encountering the opposite, please link an example match where it happens