[Valorant] API Error 403 - You cannot consume this service

Started getting this error out of nowhere around when tryna use the VALORANT API. I don’t use it much maybe a few times a day. Saw another post with the same error for the RL API. Any idea if we did something wrong or if its a bug?


I’ve passed these comments over to someone far more qualified than myself; once I hear back i’ll post a further update.

Thank you

Hi @Got_em,

Unfortunately, we do not offer public APIs for Valorant. They were available because of a backend issue and cannot be used anymore. Please check the games we support APIs for on this page:


I see. I was confused because it still works for some of my friends who use it but stopped for a few (still is the case). Do you have any information if VALORANT will get a public API anytime soon?

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We are not allowed to grant access to Valorant APIs. You have to request it on the Riot website.