VALORANT API Launch and Policies

There was an update on API changes that have to do with trackers that get peoples stats from valorant and it said

This is your new Episode reminder that using unauthorized 3rd-party apps that pull information hidden by the game client can get you BANNED. For a refresher on what makes a 3rd-party app official, you can go here:
Is using Valorant tracker gonna get you banned? Either the website or the app? Or is the tracker website aligned with their rules can you guys update if the app is still ok within the new API changes I don’t want to get banned.

Hi @rockyroad122,

Tracker Network follows the rules set by Riot Games, our website and app are aligned with their new rules as well. If Riot Games wants us to change something, we will get a notification from them and we will make a change as soon as possible. We received similar requests in the past and we changed our products accordingly.

We will keep an eye on the situation around the new rules and we will adjust our software if it will be required. As of now, it is safe to use our products, you will not get banned.