[Valorant] Mobile app not working

Hi,my valorant tracker mobile app isn’t working and when I’m opening that,it just shows a white screen, please help me

Hey set13,
Can you give me some additional information on your issue?
Did you link your valiant profile?
What app version are you on?
Are you using iOS or Android?

Hey ,yes
Yeah,i linked my profile in pervious version of mobile app

Can you give me your profile name and region please?

set13,turkey region.

could you provide me with a link to your profile. It’s not showing up in search


Your profile seems to work fine on my side. Could you provide me with some screenshots of you problem please

It’s what’s happening when I’m opening the mobile app

Are you using a vpn, dns or adblocker that blocks google analytics or firebase?
Is the white screen also showing up if you try to start the app on mobile data?

No, I’m not using These
Yes, it’s the same with mobile data

Can you provide me with your device model please

Xiaomi 11T Pro, what is wrong?

Any ideas for me?

We’re still looking into it - we’ll get back to you w/ any other questions, thanks.

Could you try deleting app cache and data.
You can find this under system settings > look for installed apps > Tracker Network > Storage.
There you should be able to delete the apps cache and data. After that try starting the app. You might need to login to your TRN account again